To make you a better and more confident player. Our sessions are designed around drills that are to be done at game speed or faster. We will give you the ability to outperform your opponent in any given situation. We will increase your overall speed, shot speed, accuracy, agility, dodging ability, footwork, defensive positioning, save percentage, and general knowledge of the game.

*We offer several different packages towards both individual players as well as groups. We put together specific and matchless programs that concentrate on specific needs while still giving you a complete work out.

Training Session Pricing

Lessons can be bought individually or in packages of 4 or 10. All sessions are 1 hour long.

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*All players must be registered with US Lacrosse prior to participating.

Please bring your USL member number to the first session.


For those just starting out or with little experience. Our drills focus on growing a love for the sport while teaching the fundamentals. Each session, players will master the fundamental skills needed to succeed at the higher level. This is a perfect class for beginner players who are unsure if they want to pursue the sport or for players who want to gain more confidence before they move into more skill intensive development.


This program is designed for more advanced players in grades 3 - 5. We feel this age group is often the least served but should actually get the most attention as this is where players will start to develop bad habits. We concentrate on mastering the fundamentals and now add more intricate aspects of the game including team-sports IQ development, lacrosse specific stick skills and 1v1 skills.

Level 1 Stick Skills:

Our system immediately aims towards creating ambidextrous skills with cradeling, catching and throwing which quickly targets muscle memory to develop proper mechanics, proper shooting and dodging form and stick protection.

Level 2 Mastering Ground Balls and 1v1 Situations:

Most of the game at this level is spent on the ground or with 1v1 dodges. We run through numerous ground ball situations and isolate many 1 vs. 1 scenarios that a player will experience all around the field, teach the specific skills needed to win within those moments, and then continuously run through spirited 1 vs.1 competitions to get the players more and more skilled in winning these battles.


Shooting and Dodging Level 1:

Top Side is an innovator in developing shooting skills. Over the course of 5 years, we have designed a brand new approach to developing players’ shooting forms – new philosophies, new exercises with major results. We believe every player can benefit from the ever expansive world of throwing forms and shooting training due to the very specific importance of this skill. In Level 1 players will develop ambidextrous throwing forms for overhand shooting as well as dodging abilities into shots, set shooting forms, and off ball techniques into shots.

Shooting and Dodging Level 2:

This class builds off of the foundation of Level 1 Shooting/Dodging training by continuously refining the existing built skills while adding new throwing forms to enhance – such as sidearm, worm burner, and behind the backs. We also add more specific dodge moves from various spots on offense, enhanced faking abilities, and refining “finishing” skills around the goal.


This class focuses on defining and refining the skills needed to succeed as a defender. Improves general defense-specific reactive footwork using exercises from the best Division 1 programs. Teaches defensive footwork, arm work and stick work for 1 v1s from each of the 7 offensive initiation spots. Focuses on other defense specific skills for ground balls, long distance throwing, and more.


Being great at face offs /draws is a distinct advantage for players and teams. If you can't win a faceoff, your team can't possess the ball. We focus on proper faceoff form the basic faceoff technique to gain control of the ball.


The most important position on the field! We have had great success with training some of the best keepers in Westchester. We focus on developing the proper footwork and positioning in the crease to give you the best chance to make the save. Once your footwork is down, we concentrate on hand-eye coordination, shot anticipation and communication.

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