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The competitive world of lacrosse is ever-changing and we have always been at the forefront of the landscape, providing families and players with more than just wins. Our goal as a program is to develop young men into students of the game and provide them with top notch instruction and a place to grow. We never had or wanted the best players but would rather develop and transform players into the best.

After the Fall of 2017, we folded our Snipers program for a variety of reason but the main reason was because there is a better model of instruction. Club teams focus on winning, team concepts and placing players in college. The average/below average player gets left behind and high school programs aren't benefitting from all of the club lacrosse in the area. A player's legacy is what they do in their 2-4+ years as a varsity lacrosse player, not in a 1.5 month tournament circuit. As high school coaches, we spend more time breaking bad habits than we should considering the high price tag to be on one of these "elite" club teams. Our staff is comprised of all Section 1 lacrosse coaches and we wanted something more so we decided to do something about it....

Coach Otto along with 5 other Section 1 coaches created Vortex Lacrosse Academy with the goal of mastering your position and really understanding the ENTIRE game around you through position-specific training and video breakdown. A revolutionary 10-week program that will give you twice the results for half the price of a club program. The Academy is twice a year, allowing you to play multiple sports, excel in school and really set yourself up for success at college prospect days and recruiting camps when you become eligible for recruitment in your junior year of high school. While the VLA won't replace the club program yet, we truly feel this model will accelerate the learning curve or players, improve local High School lacrosse and allow families to save THOUSANDS to put towards that college education that never seems to stop increasing.

Please check out the VLA website and understand it's benefits. Our first Academy is this winter and we hope you join us!

Thanks as always for your support!

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