Box Lacrosse




Top Side Box Lacrosse Training & League Play featuring Our T.U.R.F.™ Training Method

Box Lacrosse

Forget everything you know about field/outdoor lacrosse and come armed with just your stick skills, quickness, toughness, and your willingness to learn!

Top Side Lacrosse is proud to present the first and ONLY box lacrosse program in Westchester, offering TRUE box lacrosse in all it’s glory! Our events will introduce box lacrosse concepts and drills to these players, explain and demonstrate how it differs from field lacrosse, and show why TRUE box lacrosse is improving players!

Our events are coached by top HS coaches from Westcehster and Connecticut with professional box lacrosse experience. Each event will combine box lacrosse and field lacrosse, allowing players mastering 1-2 key components of the box game and impliment it into their field game. Players will be educated through our T.U.R.F. method; Teach, Understand, Refine, Flourish.

Teach: Our coaching staff will be armed with a practice plan of drills that you’ve never done before. Our goal is to teach the young players the key difference between box and field. Those indoor winter leagues they call box are NOT box! Pick-&-Rolls, one-handed play, types of picks, shooting techniques, etc. Players will learn a different STYLE of lacrosse that will get you in better shape, improve stick skills/footwork and send your confidence through the roof!

Understand: Any teacher will tell you that there’s a difference between teaching and understanding. Anyone can be taught the game of lacrosse. It’s the ones that understand it that are better! We take the time to make sure the players understand why something works, when to use it and what to do if it doesn’t work. Improving lacrosse IQ indoors through the box game translates to quicker reaction times, more leadership on the field with better team cohesion and individual/team results.

Refine: We now take your skills, your new knowledge & understanding of the game along with your desire for greatness and we push you to the max with variations of our basic drills to incorporate more complex skills into your arsenal. We tweak your dodges, shooting style, footwork and strength to make you a well-oiled box machine!

Flourish: Finally we have reached the point where you understand the game, its benefits and have a confident grasp on your skills. You are now able to move faster, shoot better, get knocked down only to get back up stronger than before. The box game now flows in your blood just as our time with the event expires. You can now go forth and dominate the field!

Box Lacrosse

Fall Box Lacrosse Training

We are happy to introduce our fall box clinics in two locations to help further develop the skill set of players. For an hour each week, players will learn and execute box-specific drills and skills that will improve reaction time, footwork, shot accuracy and dodging. With sessions in Pelham and Mahopac and before the club programs start, our box clinics are a great way to stay ahead of the curve this fall and elevate your game! 

WHEN: Sundays 9/10 - 10/5 (5 sessions) PLUS 1 box tournament in November!

WHERE: Pelham NY & Mahopac, NY


5th/6th grade

7th/8th grade

9th/10th grade

11th/12th grade


Pelham - 8a-12p

Mahopac - 1p-5p


Minimum 2 years of field lacrosse experience. All players must be able to pass/catch efficiently with both hands.



Goalies play free!


Justin Otto - Coach Otto has almost 10 years of box playing and coaching experience. He is heavily involved with US Indoor Lacrosse and the U-19 Team USA program. He has played in the NALL and the PLL for various teams before both leagues folded. He now coaches with Superstar Box Lacrosse, developing youth players in Westchester and Connecticut in addition to his Top Side Box Programs. 

CJ Fleming

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